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Disclaimer: Squirkl.Com provides you with interactive media application, that can be used on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, tv, or any internet enabled device. You agree to terms of use being that you are over 18, remove Squirkl.Com, holding companies, proprietors, directors, affiliates and any related connnections or people including Squirkl.Com from any and all liabilty whatsoever. All interactions and communications you take full responsibility for. Squirkl.Com provides you with an independant platform, it is up to you and your responsibilty to use the platform in a way that is most responsible to you. The Squirkl.Com Online Dating Website and Mobile App is provided to you as a service free of charge. There are a number of free services including a free dating profile, free dating matches, free dating searches and many other free services. To minimize the scamming community and chancers, you need to purchase credits to send messages. These are provide on a pre paid pay as you go basis. This means you are not bomarded with mails from people who don't pay to send messages to you. There are no account debits on a monthly debit basis and all credit vouchers are purchased on a once off basis. No client credit card details or any personal information are stored on the site. The basics are retained for security purposes and means of providing service. Squirkl.Com only needs to store, user name and e-mail. All other details are optional and on your provided means of consent. Payment processing is further done by a 3rd party to ensure that all payment details, account details and such are not stored on Squirkl.Com. There is a help desk service to help you with your account administration and also to notify the help desk of any profiles that are not in line with site policies. You agree and remove Squirkl.Com in full and in all ways against all and any liability of use. We provide you a platform that has built in security measures, however it is your responsibility to take responsibility for yourself on Squirkl.Com and in Real Life when meeting people from the site or mobile app. We suggest you get to know people over some time and communication on Squirkl.Com using the online platform to assist you with keeping safe and secure. Ensuring that you are using the platform keeps your personal information safe and it is advised not to give out your personal contact details until you have gotten to know someone very well. Squirkl.Com provides you with Photo, Video, Audio and E-Mail Messaging to get to know someone accross these spectrums of media to get a good view of someone and also to know that you are talking to a person who is their profile and looks like their picture. Use the Squirkl.Com Platform and encourage people to also use the system which keeps you and your contact details safe. Once you move off the site for communications with members you are entirely responsible for all and any event whatsoever. Encourage members to purchase credits to message you on the platform as this keeps your contact details safe and gives you time to evaluate someone if you then want to meet. It is good practice to use the credit system and if someone is really interested in you and also looking out for their safety and interests they will also want you to use the platform and credit system. After all if you really like each other and think it is worth taking further, then you should both appreciate a small investment for security, safety and investment in each other for something meaningful to you. Final Agreement, you once again, agree in full to remove Squirkl.Com and All connected partners, directors and or affiliates from use of Squirkl.Com in all shapes and forms in entire removal of all and any liability. If you agree then sign up and enjoy using Squirkl.Com online dating platform, website and mobile app with full interactive media provisioning providing, photo, video, voice and e-mail messaging. You also agree from viewing Squirkl.Com respect of copyright and to maintain and appreciate our original Work by not copying it. Show us some appreciation for our hard work and connecting you with like minded singles by supporting our organisation and platform by saying thank you purchasing send message credit vouchers. Everything else is free so please show a little thanks by purchasing a send message credit voucher. We have provided this so you do not have to pay for a monthly subscription and to make the service as cost effective as possible for you. A little thanks is very much appreciated. If you agree with our terms and conditions then sign up and come on in. Signing up constitutes agreement to our policies, removal of all liability, you won't steal or copy or try rip off or scam the site and platform or members and will be generally respectful and decent. You agree if you are not respectful or decent or a scammer that we have full entitlement to delete your account and ban you. Behave decently and respectfully it's the right thing to do, Enjoy the Service, 100% Original on www.squirkl.com